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PT. Spektris MetaLAB
      is specializing in elemental analysis, make our sales record in elemental analysis as one of the biggest in Indonesia. We supplied hundreds of spectrometers in various kind of industries such as metal industry , foundry, smelter, re-melter, automotive part, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, educational, polymer and petrochemical, environmental, contract laboratories, university/educational institute, government research center and etc.

New Item

    New sequential XRF where performance meets versatility...
for small spot and mapping,
for easy and stable liquid analysis,
for large sample collections run automatically overnight

iCE 3500

    Dual flame and flameless / furnace AAS with standard or Zeeman background correction. Standard ‘Furnace vision tool’. Ideal for high thoughput lab with quick changeover between flame and flameless analysis using software controlled. Six lamp auto-alingning carousel and double beam dual monochromator.


    New THERMO ICP-MS launched in 2012 called iCAP Q dramatically different ICP-MS. Introducing 3 models of iCAP Q ICP-MS for different application: iCAP Qa, iCAP Qc, iCAP Qs Application are in semiconductor, research and development, environmental analysis, food control, geochemical, and pharmaceutical

Think Thermo Scientific for superior analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents. So can you analyze my sample?

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